Youth action –  Education, not deportation!

1. We demand a stop to deportations and observance of the human right to education free of exclusion and discrimination.

2. We demand – at minimum – observance of the „3-2 Rule,“ the possibility to pursue education and work must be maintained – even with a denied asylum application – without exception or abuse of legal loopholes, as these cases are often handled in Bavaria.

3. Schools must be a place of development and independent transfer of knowledge. Education should not subject anyone to exploitative logic. Education should be unhampered by barriers and accessible for all.

4. We reject the confinement of refugees and immigrants in deportation facilities. Freedom for all incarcerated refugees!

5. For legal means of fleeing and active sea rescue instead of expanding Europe’s fortress and dubious deals with authoritarian third-world countries.

6. Whether from poverty or war, people flee with good reason. We demand a political and economic system that makes a humane life possible worldwide.

Want to get involved?

We meet every other week at 7:00 PM.


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